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Expert Witness

Hospital Administration Expert Witness Consultant

Hospital Administration Expert Witness

As a hospital administration expert witness consultant,  Mr. Coleman is an advocate for applying community standards which are relevant,  based upon the time frame, subject matter and administrative practice(s) appropriate to each case.  He accepts cases on behalf of Plaintiffs or Defendants pursuant to the merits of each case, based upon  applicable community standards.

Mr. Coleman is willing to serve as either a work product consultant or a designated expert based upon the particular strategic litigation needs of each case as determined during an initial consultation with the engaging attorney and /or law firm.  

Types of cases

  • Medical Staff Credentialing & Clinical Privileging-ELAM
  • Negligent Credentialing, Negligent Supervision, Negligent Retention
  • Hospital-Physician Relations-MEJIA  Ostensible Agency Issues
  • Administrative Community Standards
  • Medical Staff bylaws, Rules & Regulations
  • Provider-Based Physician Contracting Negotiations & Contract Administration
  • Administrative Policies & Procedures
  • Hospital Joint Commission Accreditation, Licensing & Regulatory Compliance Issues
  • Wrongful Termination/Constructive Discharge/Whistleblower Issues
  • Patient rights; Informed Consent
  • Patient Safety; Environment of Care
  • Governance; Corporate Negligence